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We repair yachts and boats of all makes, models and sizes. Our experience in yacht repairs spans 25 years. We work as main dealers for a diverse range of marine specialist companies supplying and fitting bow thrusters, passerelles and marine stabilizers. Whether it's a small gel chip or a major insurance yacht repair, the range of work that we undertake is extremely varied. Over the years we have repaired boats and yachts that have sunk, caught fire or run aground. We have even repaired those yachts that have fallen over or collided with other boats!

Nordhaven 72 Gets A Nose Job
Nordhaven UK contracted the Osmotech team to fly out to Spain and install a new bulbous bow section to a Nordhaven 72. A lot of hard work by Rich and Paul adapting the new moulding and eventually bonding it resulting in a very happy client. All that remains now is to prime and Copper Coat the modified area.  Another example of a job well done by our skilled team.

Seakeeper Rules The Waves
We have just completed our first installation of a Seakeeper 5 gyro stabaliser into a classic Hagg 36 motorboat. Belle Amie serves as committee boat in numerous regattas around the solent. In this role she needs to provide a stable platform to monitor the start activity but also for the welfare and comfort of the race officers. The short video clip below shows the Hagg lying a beam to a short swell off Calshott to induce a roll and then demonstates the instantaneus effect of the Seakeeper on her stability when its switched on. 


Sleipner Motor’s Vector Fins Stabilisers
has been named overall winner of the DAME (Design Award METS).
The Norwegian firm was praised by the jury for thinking outside the box and taking, in the words of chairman Bill Dixon, a “fairly mundane piece of engineering and looking at it in a new way.” The elegantly curved fin better suits many of the modern hull forms to which stabilizers are becoming a standard fit.

Vector Fins Stabiliser Launch 
Please click on the buttons below to watch Tom Cunliffe using the remote system for a Side-Power bowthruster and a testimonial about the benefits of installing zero speed stabilizers.

 A Cure For Seasickness In Alicante
Team Osmotech have completed another successful installation of a Sleipner Vector Fin stabiliser system to a Fairline Squadron 78 in Alicante. The system will not only keep the yacht on an even keel under way but also make lunch at anchor nauseau free. See the Vector Fin in action out of the water and here.

Chris Craft Upgrade
As part of a major repair project  to a classic Chris Craft the client asked for some upgrades to improve manouvering and trim under way. A new automated ACS Mente Marine control was installed to replace the existing manual Bennett unit plus a Sleipner SE30 bow thruster.
Care was taken not to detract from the elegant
look of the console and adapt to the complex moulding. The finished job shown below demonstates the skill of the Osmotech team to achieve this.



"Just a quick note to say thank you for all the advice over the phone last week regarding bow thruster issues on the Elsdale floating classroom.  Mike’s suggestions on how to diagnose the problem were spot on – it was in fact a ceased pin on the bottom of a solenoid which has now been freed. The Elsdale (www.elsdale.co.uk) is now fully operational once again! It was a pleasure to deal with such a knowledgeable company that was able to suggest a solution and had the best interests of the customer at heart, rather than just putting more parts in the post. I will certainly be recommending you to other boat operators / charities on the water.
 All the best Joe Howlett Skipper"

" Just a brief line to say how pleased I am with all the work carried out by your company.  It's all been very professional, and I'd like to make a special point of mentioning Joe, who confounded my expectations and actually managed to solve the windlass problems. Despite me giving him opportunities to retreat with honour intact, he was determined to sort it out, and regardless of the cold and lack of light he did sort it as he said he would. Thanks again to all concerned, and wishing you continued success ahead.."
Bob Thomas, Owner Aquastar 65 

 " I thought that you might be interested to know that I entered St Barbara V in the Army Offshore Regatta this week and she won the IRC class Offshore Race (Round the Island). It was a good opportunity to test the systems and she came up trumps. "
Royal Artillery Yacht Club, Rustler 42 


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