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  Electric bowthrusters are typically fitted to new boats, however at Osmotech we are able to retro-fit thrusters. Electric bow thrusters can be installed on any boat from 20ft to 100ft. Most leisure boats over 35ft have a bow thruster fitted as standard which will usually meet with the expectations of most customers when being used under normal conditions. The size of thruster will depend upon the boat’s intended usage, whether the boat is to be used under more demanding conditions or if there is a strong current in the home marina. DC thrusters don’t take up too much space, are quite straightforward to install and offer a more economical alternative to hydraulic thrusters.

Single speed thrusters can sometimes be difficult to use due to the amount of power that is supplied as there is a tendency for the boat to be pushed too quickly. A Side-Power DC Power Controller unit can alleviate this problem by enabling proportional control. This unit executes very precise movements giving total control of the boat when coming into dock, according to the weather conditions.
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